Benelli Caffe – Dubai

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My review of Benelli – this restaurant is named after the well known brand of bikes and the theme was definitely on par with the various bikes and gear.

With a large screen displaying sports in the middle of the restaurant, this is definitely a great place to enjoy some food and beverages along with some shisha.

The ambience was great but the food needs some improvement. I found the dishes that I ordered to have had too much salt and the ingredients were not freshly made in house. The presentation of the dishes were nice though.


The cheese crepes were simple and I found that there wasn’t enough cheese inside the crepes. The crepe itself was nice and thin, and the Cheez whiz on top almost ruined the crepe as it was a different type of cheese than the one inside the crepe, which was weird for me.


The cheese croissant was the only dish that I liked because the croissant was nice and fluffy, and even though it was store bought and not made in house, the restaurant was able to store it nicely to preserve the flavour.


The tuna wrapster was very hard for me to swallow. The tuna was very dry and I had suspicions that it was canned tuna, so I asked the server and the manager, where they both proudly said it was canned tuna. This is unacceptable for a restaurant to use canned tuna and charge that much for the wrap. Not only was it ruining the brand of the bicycles but it made the restaurant look like they do not care enough to provide quality food in the downtown Dubai area where there are so many amazing restaurants that have quality food for the same price. I know this is harsh but I have to be honest, I cannot simply make up a review just because I was invited.


The seafood pizza was just as disappointing with it being so salty I had to ask for water but the server forgot my water so I ended up having to suffer for quite some time.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 3/5.

I ordered the cheese crepes for 40DHS, cheese croissant for 30DHS, tuna wrapster for 45DHS, and the seafood pizza for 60DHS.

The pricing of the dishes served here are a little high for the type of dishes served here, especially when most of it was store bought.

The service was really good at first with the staff members greeting us outside of the restaurant. The food and drinks came out a bit slow, and once the restaurant started to get more busy, we had to chase down the server ourselves.

The ambience of this restaurant was unique with Benelli bicycles and motorcycles all around, where it is up for purchase as well. The decor was all about the bikes with the servers dressed up in biker gear.


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