Bouchon Bakery – Dubai

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My review of Bouchon Bakery – This is one of the many french boulangerie restaurants that is founded by the 7 Michelin stars chef Thomas Keller and it has finally arrived to the Middle East opening its doors to the people of Dubai.

I was ecstatic to hear that the pastries are fresh and made in house daily, so that is when you know you are at a restaurant that really cares about the quality of the food.

The white bean soup was so rich and creamy. It was outstanding for the flavours, and I regretted ordering just the cup size as I wanted more when I finished it.


The quiches here are definitely made fresh daily and I could really tell it was fresh because of how it fell apart due to being so soft. The guyere cheese flavours were great with the creamy egg custard.


The salmon in my salad was seared to the perfect medium well temperature. The crunchy hazelnuts were a really nice touch to this salad to balance the soft texture of the salmon. The quinoa was delicious and went well with the greens.


I was overly happy to see smoked salmon on the menu as I keep talking about how much I love it. The smoked salmon was perfect, as I expected, and being in a brioche bun along with cream cheese and vegetables made it even better.


Finally, onto the fresh pastries. The banana tart was so light and the natural sweetness of the bananas really stood out. The tart shell was just perfect and the tart itself looked delicious.


The mango eclair was my favourite out of the pastries I got. The eclair was beautiful and the filling was sweet and creamy. I loved the sweet mango ganache on top, giving it that perfect finishing touch.


Macarons are a must get for me, and with the many flavours offered here, I had to try some. All of the fillings were true to the flavours that I chose. The macaron shells were so delicate but so pretty at the same time, with the perfect amount of crust on each. I was in love with these macarons for sure.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the cup white bean soup for 15DHS, quiche leek for 36DHS, salmon salad for 75DHS, smoked salmon on brioche for 45DHS, banana tart for 20DHS, mango eclair for 15DHS, and the mini pistachio, coconut saffron, and the passionfruit macarons for 13.50DHS.

The pricing of the dishes served here are very decent especially when it’s restaurant by a Michelin star chef!

The service was above and beyond from what I had expected as all of the staff members were friendly and were more than happy to service you. The general manager along with the assistant general managers were excellent hosts. The server for our table was attentive and followed our requests perfectly. The beverages came to our table quickly and the food all came at once just the way I asked for.

The ambience of this restaurant was chic and elegant with modern decor all around. Giving off that French vibe, it was definitely enjoyable for me. I loved how the beautiful and appealing pastries were displayed at the counters in front and how the large kitchen was open for customers to see the chefs carefully mastering the art of the food here. Located in the Jumeirah Beach residence area, this is a hotspot for tourists and locals to experience this unique and wonderful cuisine.


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