Hala Lebanese Organic – Dubai

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My review of Hala Lebanese Organic this restaurant most definitely specializes in using organic ingredients and it really showed through the flavours of each dish that I had. Not only was this a restaurant that you can dine in, but there was also the market full of organic products at the front of the restaurant.

The muesli pot is a breakfast item that I really enjoy. I decided to try it here for dinner because I do not think I’m ever up early enough for breakfast anyways! The muesli pot was hot and inviting. It was very comforting to eat and was made perfectly. It was presented in a jar so it really kept the muesli nice and hot.


I have never had avocado hummus before and I am very glad that this restaurant was the first place for me to try it out. The hummus texture was rich and smooth, and the added avocados definitely had a huge impact for the flavours. The creamy texture of the avocado made the hummus even better!


With the appealing ka’ak cart displayed at the front, I knew I had to try them here. The zaatar ka’ak was absolutely fresh and delicious. With each bite, I could really tell that it was made with care. The ka’ak was baked evenly and the zaatar filling was tasty.


Instead of getting a falafel wrap, I decided to get the salad instead since I wanted more greens in my dinner as I had mostly bread. The Hala Lebanese salad was wonderful and was so good. The added falafels were moist and flavorful. The rich salad dressing on top was delicious and tied the whole salad together nicely.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4/5.

I ordered the muesli pot for 16DHS, hummus avocado for 21DHS, zaatar and cheese mana’eesh for 13DHS, Hala Lebanese organic salad for 26DHS, and the zaatar ka’ak hala for 25DHS.

The pricing of the dishes served here are excellent and definitely pocket friendly.

The service was great with the server attending to us right away, however the food did take a long time to come out of the kitchen. One of the dishes that I ordered was also missing, so I had to kindly remind the server to bring it.

The ambience of this restaurant was bright and inviting as we approached it. Located inside the convention center in the trade center area, the restaurant was surprisingly huge. The restaurant had a large dining area in the back, a cafe style setup in the middle, and an appealing shop filled with organic products at the front.


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