Hong Kong

This is the second Asian country I have visited in my life so far. I visited Hong Kong back in 2012, and I am just reblogging this post as it was on my old website. Anyways, my husband is from Hong Kong, so to experience this travel adventure early on in our relationship was a great way to get to know him better at the time.

The food:

To this day, I am still missing the food in Hong Kong. The food was the most memorable from my trip to Hong Kong as I remember feeling overwhelmed with the new city I am in. Everything was super cheap and absolutely delicious! I really enjoyed having authentic Chinese food here.

My first sushi belt experience was here in Hong Kong. I have seen these in some of the anime I watched and seen them on various social media accounts. To finally experience it myself in person was wonderful. The prices depend on the colour of the plates, so this is a good way to budget yourself by sticking to either the cheap colours or treating yourself with the higher end dishes by choosing the more expensive plates.


There were so many restaurants and we never went online to see which restaurant to head to based on other people’s feedback, instead, we based it on the location and prices. We ended up finding some unique places that made me happy.

I had my first experience with squid ink pasta here and it was a restaurant near the Tsim Sha Tsui area, which is the shopping central of Hong Kong. It was actually more flavourful than the regular pasta that I’m used to eating. The seafood was also perfect and the dish costed me only $10 CAD!


Moving onto the amazing dessert shops that Hong Kong is known for having! I loved the mango desserts at the famous place called Mango Fiesta. This is the only restaurant that I remember the name for as it was so catchy and it didn’t have any Chinese names to it. Everything is basically mango in each dessert dish that you get and it’s a paradise for mango lovers like my myself!


Finally, the last dessert item that is memorable was Haagen-Dazs ice cream! This was not available in Canada, only the ones that comes in packages where you can buy in your local grocery store. The Haagen-Dazs ice cream shops were huge in Hong Kong with so many different flavours. It was a bit pricy for ice cream but sometimes you just have to treat yourself!


The attractions:

With the culture shock due to being born and raised in Canada, I had a lot of trouble adjusting to the weather, people, and the culture. However, I was still able to push myself out of my own comfort zone and experience some of the local attractions and sight seeing destinations that this beautiful city had to offer.

The first place that is worth mentioning was the Victoria Peak. The Victoria Peak is a beautiful place up high where you can see a view of the Hong Kong buildings and in the distance some of the beautiful islands. To get to this viewing point, I had to take a tram and then hike the rest of the way up which was not difficult.


Next on my itinerary was the Ocean Park amusement park. I am not a fan of rides at amusement parks so I saved a lot of money on that.


I enjoyed the Giant Panda Adventure and the various shows offered here. The giant panda adventure had cute and live red pandas and large pandas behind glass windows. I love pandas and this was the highlight of the amusement park.



Hong Kong has a few islands and most of them are very natural compared to the busy city of Hong Kong. The first island that I visited was the Lantau Island. To get here we had to take the cable cars up to Ngong Ping, which is known to have the huge Tian Tan Buddha.


To get up the the actual Buddha, you would have to climb a set of stairs which is definitely worth the cardio as the view up there is beautiful.


Inside the Buddha was the sacred buddist temple, which had beautiful gold Buddhas and you are able to light inscents and pray.


The rest of the island had some souvenir shops, restaurants, real sheep roaming around, and of course the natural beauty of the island to explore.

The second Hong Kong Island that I visited was called Cheung Chau. This is a fisherman’s island where fresh seafood is served everywhere.


This island is small enough to bike around, which is what we did, and it was nice to be away from the polluted city.


Me on a rental bike in 2012

At each restaurant, we were able to choose our own live seafood and have it cooked within minutes for you. I was very impressed with this and enjoyed my cold refreshing beer with it. This was a great way to end the tiring day of bike riding up the steep hills.

Finally, the last attraction that I enjoyed was the well known star ferry that has been around Hong Kong since 1888.


The ferry is a 10 minute ride that goes across the Victoria harbour between Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, and the Hong Kong Island side. I was unfortunately feeling sea sick as I always am on boats, and couldn’t really enjoy the ride. With a level 2 tsunami, the waters were not calm at all, and it was cloudy and rainy when we went so it could have definitely went better.

Overall, I really did enjoy my time in Hong Kong, and I mostly walked around the whole city sightseeing different architecture and even stumble upon some museums and science centers that were fun. I definitely do want to go back one day, mostly for the food, as I do love to eat!

  One thought on “Hong Kong

  1. January 21, 2018 at 8:12 pm

    Wonderful, I had posted also my Hong Kong travel way back 2013.check my story too…regards


  2. January 21, 2018 at 8:13 pm

    The cute Panda was awesome and we never make it to go to Lantau next chance.


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