Modern Bakery – Dubai

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My review of Modern Bakery – I must admit that I am addicted to carbs. Everytime I pass by a bakery, I would have conflicting thoughts on whether I should go in or not. Well modern bakery was one that I definitely had to step into to get my daily dose of carbohydrates.

Even though this bakery serves some finger foods and snacks, I only restricted myself to getting only the pastries.

The cheese pastry was soft and filled with a lot of cheese, which was good. I warmed it up in my microwave when I got home and that would definitely be the best way to eat it.

I also love sweet pastries just as much as I love the savoury ones, and my choice of the puff custard pastry was not too bad. I thought that the custard was not as consistent as what you would find at a high end bakery, but the flavours were all there.

Finally, I wanted to try the olive croissant and see if the flavours of the olives are actually present. It was subtle, and if it had more olives encrusted with the croissant, it would have made it better.

This restaurant deserves a rating of 4/5.

I ordered the cheese pastry, puff custard pastry, and the olive croissant.

The pricing of the pastries served here are reasonable and affordable.

The service was good with the staff member being easy going. Each pastry was displayed behind the counters, so you are able to receive them right away.

The ambience of this bakery was setup like a corner store with various juices, drinks, and boxes of snacks around the store. There was a large counter filled with all of the fresh pastries and bread, so that part looked more like a bakery.

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