Blends Juice Bar – Dubai

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My review of Blends Juice Bar I like to have juices as snacks instead of eating unhealthy junk food. It is a quick way to fill me up without all of the added calories and sugar. I came here to try their fresh juices and two smoothies that looked appealing to me, and I was pretty happy.

The freshly squeezed mango juice was good and I made sure there was no sugar added so it was very healthy. The mango was a bit sour, but it was a nice juice despite that.

The smoothies here are pretty healthy as well especially when you ask for no sugar, and opting for the low fat yogurt option.

The strawberry heaven smoothie was creamy because of the yogurt that was added. This smoothie was a blend of strawberries, banana, apple, and of course the low fat yogurt. I found that it was lacking the strawberry flavour and tasted more like bananas, I guess it was because of the wrong ratio of fruits added in.

The peach passion was what I expected it to taste like. The peach was definitely the star of the smoothie and the banana and orange added was great to give it more of a tarte taste.

This restaurant deserves a rating of 4/5.

I ordered the small freshly squeezed mango juice for 18DHS, small strawberry heaven smoothie for 22DHS, and the small peach passion smoothie for 22DHS.

The pricing of the juices served here are decent for the fresh ingredients used.

The service was friendly and the staff members were easy going. My smoothies took some time but it was worth it when I did receive it.

The ambience of this restaurant was simple with random furniture and decor. There wasn’t really a set theme to the restaurant, except for it being colourful.

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