Sumo Sushi & Bento – Dubai

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My review of Sumo Sushi & Bento – this Japanese restaurant is very unique compared to most Japanese restaurants in town as this place serves so many different types of popular Japanese dishes, ones that you don’t typically find here unless you’re in Japan. There are a variety of sushi rolls, poke bowls, ramen, bento boxes, and other amazing Japanese style dishes.

I really enjoyed the vietnam roll as I know this is not an authentic Japanese dish, I still liked the idea of it. It is basically a roll that has rice paper wrapping around the filling, instead of sushi rice. The rolls were light and fresh.

Vietnam roll

I have loved poke bowls since forever now, and I love how I am able to build my own poke bowl here. I love salmon with the poke sauce, and this restaurant was able to make a wonderful poke bowl that was full of flavour.

Salmon poke bowl

I seem to always order the rainbow roll at every Japanese restaurant I visit, and I ended up ordering it here as well. I just love the many combinations of fish and fillings. The rainbow rolls here were delicious, and had a mixture of avocado, salmon, tuna, squid, and white fish.

Rainbow roll

The salmon lovers bento was definitely a match made in heaven for me as I love salmon and everything in the bento had salmon in it, even the green salad had bits of salmon chunks in it! I loved the sashimi, it was sliced in even pieces and was not too thin or too thick, it was just perfect.

Salmon lovers bento

This restaurant deserves a rating of 4/5.

I ordered the vietnam roll for 35DHS, regular salmon poke bowl with poke sauce for 48DHS, rainbow roll for 40DHS, salmon lovers bento for 62DHS, and the salmon and tuna tartare for 50DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here are reasonable for the portion sizes served here.

The service was a bit slow here, probably because I arrived during the iftar time. Nonetheless, my orders eventually arrived at my table at a steady pace.

The ambience of this restaurant is unique since the restaurant is an open place that is located in the middle of the town centre shopping mall. The sushi counter and kitchen is located in the middle so there are tables in every corner of the restaurant. The decor is simple, and the tables and chairs are modern.

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