Agemono – Dubai

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My review of Agemono – a casual restaurant that has a Japanese name, so you would think this place serves only Japanese cuisine, but instead there are some Filipino items on the menu. This annoyed me a little because as I was flipping through the menu, trying to decide which Japanese dish I wanted, Filipino food dishes just popped up on the menu out of no where. When you see this happening at a restaurants you know the food will not be authentic, and the quality will not meet my expectations.

The ten don was not a good experience for me. I enjoy this dish almost at every Japanese restaurant but the one here was hard for me to eat. The tempura was so oily, and that oil was sitting on top of my rice which made it repulsive to eat.

My yaki udon was mediocre, as the sauce that was stir fried into was not as flavourful as a typical yaki udon that I usually have.

Finally, the shake sashimi that I had was not too bad. This is just the traditional salmon sashimi. It tasted fresh which is a good thing since the rest of my dishes were not as good.

This restaurant deserves a rating of 3/5.

I ordered the ten don for 24DHS, yaki udon for 35DHS, and the shake sashimi for 32DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here are reasonable for a non authentic Japanese restaurant.

The service was good, and the food came out in the proper amount of time.

The ambience of the restaurant was outdated. The decor and furniture is plain and it doesn’t have a welcoming atmosphere.

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