Golden Dragon – Dubai

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My review of Golden Dragon – I found that it is quite rare for Dubai to have authentic Asian cuisine, and Golden Dragon was one of the ones that is not authentic Chinese cuisine. I found this place to serve Western Chinese food, and they have now introduced non authentic Pan Asian dishes, along with some indian dishes, which isn’t really what I like to normally eat.

I was invited for a bloggers tasting for the new menu that is launching in a week, and I had mixed feelings as I was expecting to eat Chinese food, but had non authentic Thai and Indian dishes instead.

Now, moving straight into the food, the coco prawns were not bad with the coconut flavours really standing out on the batter. These prawns were deep fried with a coconut flavour batter on the outside. The prawns were cooked well, and this was the only dish that I found to be better.

2017-10-03 02.27.20 1.jpg

The corn fritters balls were something that I never had before and it was different. The corn fritters were deep fried and served just like that. I thought that the flavours were average.


I liked the Thai curry prawns, as the sauce was thick and consistent. The prawns were a good size and was not overcooked in the hot curry. It wasn’t spicy at all, even though I love spicy curries, this one was still good.

2017-10-03 02.28.19 1.jpg

The pad Thai noodles needs improvement as it was dry and had none of the flavours an authentic pad Thai dish would have. The sauce needs to be more vibrant in order to bring out the beautiful flavours.

2017-10-03 02.29.00 1.jpg

My two desserts came out with melted ice cream which did not look presentable. I must suggest that the kitchen staff should serve it on chilled plates so that the presentation of the ice cream looks better. The molten chocolate cake was sweet and moist, but the nutella and pretzel wontons was a strange combination of flavours.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 3.5/5.

I ordered the set tasting of the new menu. I could only eat the seafood and vegetarian items that included, shrimp dim sum, vegetarian tom kha and tom yum soup, coco prawns, corn fritters ball, spicy fried calamari, paneer chili, prawns on toast, Thai curry prawns, prawns kung pao, vegetarian Thai green curry, pad Thai noodles, nutella & pretzel wonton dessert, and the molten chocolate cake.

The service that I received here was slow and needs a lot of improvement. I know that the whole restaurant was filled with bloggers, but if it was a normal day and the restaurant gets busy, a lot of people would not be happy with the service.

The server kept on forgetting many of the dishes, so we ended up only tasting a few and even missed out on one dessert because they closed the kitchen and forgot about my guest and I, while the other bloggers received every single dish listed.

The ambience of this restaurant was bright and had a Chinese feel to it, with the red colours and dragons. If the decor looks Chinese, the food should match that, but instead I got Thai food, which was confusing.


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