Bourjois Paris Air Mat Foundation

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My review of Air Mat Foundation – I have been on the hunt for a perfect matte foundation that suits my skin tone for a while now. I was never happy with the results of the matte effect because it made my skin look dry.


The mat foundation from Bourjois Paris was actually impressive. I will now be purchasing their other lines of foundation as soon as I’m finished with this product, as their shade in vanilla matched my skin.

The foundation matched my skin tone perfectly and had a bits of oil ingredients in it to make my skin look close to dewy rather than being super dry.


Left: with foundation, Right: without foundation

I was also amazed by how little product I had to use on my face. It gave that cushion effect when I was applying to my face so it was easy to spread and dried quickly. I apply this foundation using a silicone applicator rather than my beauty blender, which resulted in all of the product transfering directly to my face.


Applying my contour and highlight on top of the foundation was great as the foundation stayed on my skin once it dried, so I was not pushing the foundation around with the contour and highlight.


Overall, I was so impressed with this foundation and how it made my makeup routine that much more enjoyable for me. The foundation lasted all day, even after being sweaty in the desert heat of Dubai.

This foundation deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I ordered the Air Mat foundation in the shade Vanilla for 87DHS from the website.

The pricing of this foundation was a tad bit pricy for the size it comes in.

Would I purchase this again? I definitely would.

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