Gunaydin – Dubai

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My review of Gunaydin – As a pescatarian, it was absolutely difficult for me to eat here as this restaurant serves all sorts of meat. This is a well known place that has over 40 restaurants across Turkey. I can see from my visit that this place does so well here in Dubai.

My guest was having a great time enjoying all of the different cuts of meat, but I could only enjoy the vegetarian cold mezze and a smoked eggplant salad for my main course as the choices for any vegetarians was very limited.


The acili ezme was a chili tomato dip with pepper and onions and this was a nice starter. I found it best with the bread but it would have been better if the flavours of the chili stood out more.

The palican salatasi was the barbecued eggplant salad which was what I had as my main course. The eggplant had a lot of the smoked flavours to it and I didn’t really enjoy that too much.


Finally, I had the sultac for dessert which was a Turkish rice pudding. This was my favourite and most enjoyable dish that I had all dinner. The rice pudding was creamy and not too sweet.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 3/5.

I ordered the acili ezme for 25DHS, palican salatasi for 25DHS, humus for 25DHS, palican soslu for 30DHS, and the sutlac for 30DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here were decent.

The service was excellent with the manager taking really good care of us. He was able to try to find alternatives for me because I could not eat anything from the menu.

The ambience of this restaurant was modern and I was actually sad to see the hanging animals that were on display for butchering. This is part of my pescatarian lifestyle and I suggest for vegetarians and vegans to avoid looking at this part of the restaurant. This is a place for meat lovers and despite that, I loved the outdoor seating where you can enjoy the view of the Burj Al Arab and the Dubai water fountain show right in front of you.


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