DXB Grill – Dubai

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My review for DXB Grill I had the pleasure of trying out the amazing fresh seafood dishes that were offered here. I was already impressed with the exposed kitchen showcasing chefs grilling on the spot, but the display of the fresh protein on ice made me more excited to eat here.

The presentation of the caeser salad was definitely something different as when you think of caeser salad, you would see mostly the green lettuce. The salad was enclosed in a large crouton with just the prawns and parmasean sitting on top. I loved breaking the crouton to find a creamy and delicious salad inside.


I loved the unique flavours in the grilled scallop tartlets. I found that presenting the scallops this way made it less boring as I really enjoyed having a tart to eat at the same time as the scallops.


I had no complaints for the trio salmon, as most of my readers know, I love smoked salmon and the one served in this dish was outstanding! I also enjoyed the wasabi and palm sugar marinated salmon because the flavours were unique and it made the salmon that much more beautiful.


I was blown away with the blue fin tartare as the bacalao mousse was something that I’ve never experienced before and I ended up loving it so much. The blue fin tuna most definitely tasted fresh and the fish roe on top just added that perfect finish to this dish.


The grilled Canadian lobster that I had was one of my favourites here. The lobster was perfect, and with the butter lemon sauce, it was so tasty. I also got the opportunity to try the thermidore lobster which was creamy and cheesy.


The three dessert dishes that I had was just right for my oh so demanding sweet tooth. I was more drawn to the nutella and marshmallow heaven dessert as I fancy both of these. The marshmallows were toasted and the nutella was underneath, creating a ganache texture.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the caesar salad with gulf prawns for 60DHS, grilled scallop tartlets for 70DHS, trio salmon for 75DHS, blue fin tuna tartare for 65DHS, crispy Californian maki for 55DHS, grilled Canadian lobster for 60DHS, thermidore lobster for 60DHS, chocolate lava for 45DHS, nutella and marshmallows heaven for 45DHS, and the agar panna cotta brulee for 45DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here were perfect for the fresh seafood served here.

The service that I received here was wonderful with all of the staff members paying close attention to our table. My water glass was always filled, and finished plates were cleared so quick that I never noticed them.

I had the opportunity to dine with the assistant marketing manager who was a great host. I learned a lot about the beautiful hotel, along with the amazing restaurants located here.

The ambience of this restaurant was beautiful and elegant with an exposed kitchen to see the talented chefs at work. This restaurant is located in the Millennium Airport Hotel, so it is very convenient for guests to come by and enjoy the outstanding food.


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