Euromed Clinic Pioneering Treatments

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I had the opportunity to attend an exclusive event at the Euromed Clinic where the doctors were able to demonstrate treatments that are offered here.

I am huge on taking care of myself physically when it comes to skincare and anti-aging, so this event really helped answered my questions and gave me insight of future treatments that I may get.

The event was very organized where we were all separated into groups and got to tour the clinic and see the different treatments and meet the doctors at the same time.

The first doctor we saw was Dr Sevdalina where she was able to explain the proper way to lose weight and be healthy. Some of the treatments that she offers are a comprehensive annual checkup, and metabolic packages.


The next doctor we saw on the tour was Dr Irena who was demonstrating mesotherapy. This treatment is a non surgical procedure that uses only injections to the face and neck. This treatment helps reduce the looks of aging, problematic skin, and at the same time it gives a radiant and glow look to your skin.


The last doctor that we saw was Dr Hoda who was explaining an IVNT infusion procedure which was done on a volunteer. This procedure uses a pouch of nutrients and that liquid is administered to your body through an IV line. This is a great way to quickly get boosted for the vitamins and nutrients that you are lacking.


I was happy to have attended this event and I am already looking to book some appointments with the clinic in the near future. I was lucky to have won a gift voucher with Dr Hoda for an IVNT infusion treatment that will replenish my hair growth. Once I get this done, I will be blogging about it in detail.

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