Brunello Dolce Vita Brunch – Dubai

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My review for Brunello A new concept of brunch has been introduced at this restaurant which is the Dolce Vita brunch where many of the well known Italian dishes were served at the table along with a great selection at the buffet.

I found that the selection was very limited here and the set up of the cheese station could have been more presentable as each block of cheese was spread too far apart and it did not look too good for my pictures.


I was happy to see a whole lot of seafood, however, there were not many choices of sauces unless you head to salad bar and grab some dressing or used the Tabasco sauce provided.


The highlights of the brunch were the smoked salmon, smoked mackerel, and the king crab legs from the buffet.

The smoked salmon was perfectly seasoned and smoked so that was a nice start to the brunch. I also enjoyed how well the mackerel was prepared.


The king crab legs were a nice surprise but having it laid out on the ice spread around the other seafood items that were in plates made it look like decoration rather than a dish that was a part of the buffet. I would much rather see it in a bucket of ice or on plate all together so that it looks more presentable.


The dishes that I enjoyed from the menu that was included with brunch were the truffle and mushroom bruschetta, the sauteed crab risotto, and the vanilla ice cream and coffee dessert.


The sauteed crab risotto was rich and creamy, but it was disappointing to have not tasted any crab in it. It would have been nice to have crab meat chunks in it, but it tasted like there was only saffron and risotto.


Finally, I loved the combination of the ice cream with the coffee syrup in the dessert from the menu. The coffee syrup was rich and the aroma of it was strong which was nice because I love the smell of coffee.


This brunch deserves a rating of 3.5/5.

I ordered the brunch with alcohol for 395DHS.

The pricing of the brunch here was not too bad for the selection and the types of alcohol that was served.

The service that I received here was amazing where Mario, the restaurant manager, was going above and beyond to make sure that we were doing well throughout the whole brunch experience.

The ambience of this restaurant was sophisticated and classy where the decor was fancy which was what I expected since it is located inside the Kempinski hotel at the Palm Jumeirah area.

We sat outside where it was lush with green from the many trees all around. It was a great setting as it was natural and beautiful to enjoy the brunch in the sun.


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