Mr Crab – Dubai

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My review for Mr Crab – apparently most of the popular crab items are for reservations, meaning the REGULAR customers can call in ahead and reserve all of the mud crab and king crab. When I arrived, the supervisor told me that these were unavailable to me because they are for regular customers. I suggest to anyone dining in to call in ahead of time to book these items before they are sold out.

The baked mussels were well baked where there was a perfect amount of cheese on top. I am not a fan of mussels but when it is prepared like this, it is more enjoyable for me.


The boiled king crab was my favourite and each bucket had about 4 legs and 1 claw. I was lucky to get a bucket and receive an extra one as they were all reserved for their regular customers. The king crab was perfect and the meat was juicy. I did not need to dip it in any sauces because I loved the natural flavours of the king crab.


I did not enjoy the boiled blue crab and I only ordered this because the mud crab was fully sold out. I was looking forward to the mud crab when I first heard about this restaurant but the manager did not save any for me even though she had invited me. The blue crab had very little meat as expected and was not appealing at all.


I liked the grilled squid and it was great with the many sauces that you can choose to have it with. I found it easy to chew so that is when you know they were grilled perfectly.


Finally, I found the grilled lobster overcooked resulting in tough and dry meat to eat. It did not look good as well, where the lobster meat looked too charred. If I come back next time, I would probably have it boiled rather than grilled so at least it can be juicy instead.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 3.5/5.

I ordered the baked mussels for 36DHS, boiled king crab for 149DHS, boiled blue crab for 49DHS, grilled squid for 39DHS, and the grilled lobster for 99DHS.

The pricing of the dishes served here were fair for a seafood restaurant.

The service that I received here was a bit slow where we had to keep waving down a server as they weren’t assigned to specific tables.

The ambience of this restaurant was bright and inviting. The decor was laid back with benches and simple chairs to sit on. This restaurant is located in the Al Barsha 1 area.

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