Golden Fork – Dubai

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My review for Golden Fork – I was pretty overwhelmed when I was looking through the large menu at this restaurant because there are so many different cuisines served here. Some of the cuisines include filipino, arabic, russian, western, indian, and even Thai. I prefer restaurants that focus on one cuisine where the flavours are true and authentic.

The seafood soup was way too thick for my liking. It was a creamy based soup so I knew it was a thick soup but I never had it this thick before. The amount of seafood in the soup was not too bad though. There was shrimp, crab, fish, and squid present in the soup.


The tom yum seafood soup was not authentic of course, so I cannot compare it with the real Thai soups that I have had. It was not too bad as the lemongrass flavours were refreshing. It had both combinations of sweet and spicy and the portion of the seafood was the same as my above soup which was good.


The steamed lobster was great to see when it came to the table but the meat was a bit dry. This restaurant uses the bigger lobster so that was a positive. It came with fries and from what I tasted, frozen peas and carrots that were thawed and heated, so the vegetables were not fresh at all.


The best part of the experience here was the ice cream as they came from Baskin Robbins. This is sad for me to like the ice cream the most because it was not even made by the restaurant.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 2.5/5.

I ordered the seafood soup, tom yum seafood soup for, steamed lobster, shrimp vermicelli, oreo ice cream, and the pecan ice cream.

The pricing of the dishes served here were inexpensive for the large portion sizes.

The service that I received here was very slow and unprofessional. When we arrived at the restaurant, no one greeted us with a smile. Instead, we walked around confused whether we were supposed to seat ourselves or wait to be seated. I finally talked to one server who just pointed to a dirty table and wanted us to sit there. The table had crumbs of food and my guest was trying to let her know that there were crumbs but instead the server just laid out the placemat and forceably pushed the crumbs onto my guest’s lap. I found that so rude and I pointed it out but the server did not seem to care. It was not until she had laid all the placemats down and cutlery when she finally listened to me and I had to tell her to change the table cloth because it was very stained and looked like it hasn’t been changed for a while.

After this, she walked away quickly and I was in the middle of explaining who I was as I was invited to taste the menu for my blog. I had to wave someone else down and ask for the manager as he was expecting me.

Even with the manager knowing that I was there to do a blog review, the service did not get any better, where the beverages took almost half an hour to arrive to our table and not even water was offered when the soups had arrived first. The dishes came to the table eventually, but the server never mentioned the name of each dish so we had to guess what was what.

We had some questions for her on what some of the dishes were like and she had no clue what the dishes were so I politely asked if she was a new server for the restaurant and she said she was not new and been there for a while. This shocked me because if she does not know the menu well after working there for quite some time then it makes her look very unprofessional.

At the end of our dinner, the manager never came to our table to ask how our experience was and I left the restaurant feeling like I had the worst service experience since I first started blogging.

The ambience of this restaurant was outdated but it was a decent size to host many guests. There is a salad bar near the back of the restaurant with a display of some of their seafood on ice that you can choose yourself for your dish. This restaurant is located in the Al Barsha 1 area.

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