Walter’s Coffee – Dubai

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My review for Walter’s Coffee who here is a huge fan of the tv series, “The Breaking Bad?” I remember the days where I used to binge watch each season from morning to night because it was such an amazing show.

Upon arriving to this coffee shop, I had the same feels of when I was watching the show. This coffee shop is all inspired by Walter White and the chemistry that he teaches.

The chemex was delicious and definitely tasted so pure as it was filtered out and made at 94 degrees, just below boiling point so that it does not taste bitter. I actually loved how it had hints of sweet flavours so sugar was not needed in this coffee. When you order the chemex, you are able to be a part of the preparation where you can wear the jumpsuits similiar to the ones on the show and the masks as well. The dry ice was used to make pictures even more better.


The pistachio cake was sweet and the pistachio milk it was sitting on was a nice touch but it made the cake a bit soggy.


My favourite was the coffee ice cream. It was presented with dry ice so that was a cool effect. The coffee syrup was delicious and had the right amount of coffee flavours. I loved how the syrup went so well with the ice cream.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I ordered the chemex, pistachio cake, coffee ice cream, and the macaron.

The service that I received here was incredible where we were greeted with, “Yo!” Our server, Dennis, was wonderful at making sure that we had the best experience ever. He was able to describe each step in making the chemex with passion and was making sure that we were a part of it.

The ambience of this restaurant was bright and felt exactly like a chemistry laboratory. The periodic table on the wall made me feel like I was in a classroom. The chemistry laboratory was set up to make the coffee and was behind glass windows so customers can view the process of making the coffees.


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