Taste Australia – Dubai

I had the opportunity to visit this event where the Australian food industry for fine foods was able to showcase their beautiful selection of different types of ingredients. Let’s just put at this – their products are amazing!


With this event, I was able to meet some of their top chefs who have a passion for Australian products. With the many booths that are set up at the Four Seasons Hotel in Dubai, we were able to taste some of the popular items.

The food that was offered outside included compressed watermelon cube, with feta cheese, brie cheese with orange marmalade, broccolini, and the Australian beef slider. These were the starters and I tried to head to the vegetarian starters, and they were absolutely fresh and tasty.


There were also live cooking stations that had wine pairings to go with each dish which was absolutely wonderful as I do think that wine goes well with a lot of food. These dishes included quesadilla with down the lane rose wine, roasted asparagus with down the lane pinot grigio, and the oven roasted oyster blade steak with down the lane shiraz. My favourite was definitely the quesadilla which was filled with pear, smoked mozzarella, mexican pesto, and nectarine salsa.


Later that night, there was a main course dinner inside the Dana Ballroom where we were able to listen to the chef’s speeches and they were answering any questions or concerns that anyone had.


The main course was slow cooked Australian lamb rack with a side of glazed petite carrots topped with crumbled feta. The wine pairing was with the down the lane shiraz. I was not able to eat this dish so I had to ask for the vegetarian option which were gnocchi with mushrooms, cheese, and tomato sauce. This dish was wonderful and the gnocchi was made perfectly.


Finally, for the dessert we had poached white nectarines and peaches with lemon myrtle cream anglaise. The dessert was beautiful and I loved the tart flavours from the nectarines and peaches with the acidic lemon cream. It was a very lovely combination of flavours and I honestly wished that I had a second plate of it!


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