Barbecue Delights – Dubai

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My review for Barbecue Delights – It’s really a hit or miss for me when it comes to Pakistani and Indian cuisine because the spices are too pungent for me, however, this restaurant actually was a hit for me since everything that I had was just right.

With a large selection of fine Indian dishes at the buffet and delicious a la carte items, I was impressed with the flavours, presentation, and large portion sizes of the dishes.


The fish tikka and katsuri fish were my favourites as they were so juicy, moist, and flavourful. I was so amazed at how it was cooked perfectly so that it was not dry at all. The spices on the fish were outstanding.


Both the fried prawns and the fried fish were not oily at all which was a bonus as I loved fried foods but hate the oil. The meat inside the crisp batter was delicious where it was seasoned just right.


The dessert selection at the buffet was wonderful with plenty to choose from. My favourites were the creme caramel and the banofee pie. There were other dessert dishes that include umm ali, Pakistani pastries, fruit custard, and jalebi to name a few.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the fish tikka for 40DHS, katsuri fish for 40DHS, fried prawns for 65DHS, fried fish for 30DHS, creme caramel dessert for 20DHS, ras malai for 25DHS, and the banofee pie for 25DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here were inexpensive and was such a good deal because the portion sizes are massive.

The service that I received here was incredible from the moment I stepped into the restaurant. I was immediately greeted by the restaurant manager, Vikas, who was more than happy to host me.

I was very impressed with the server who was able to tour the buffet with me and explain each item with great detail. This was very nice of him as I am quite inexperienced with this cuisine so he was able to answer any questions that I had for him during the buffet tour.

Throughout the whole dinner, both the manager and servers were always checking in on our table to make sure that we were all still enjoying ourselves.

The ambience of this restaurant was so warm and inviting. Located in the heart of downtown, the vibe of this restaurant really suited this area. There were many tables outside, which was great to see because large dinner parties can be seated outside with a great view of the downtown area including the Burj Khalifa.

The buffet area was set up beautifully inside showcasing all of the popular dishes served here. The decor was bright and colourful which was pleasant on the eyes.


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