Foreo ISSA Mini Toothbrush Review

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I have been using this new toothbrush for a little over two weeks now and I would have to say that it is much more comfortable and efficient to use than most leading toothbrushes out there on the market.


Lately on my dental health check up visits the dentist has been telling me that I need to be more gentle on my teeth as the enamel is starting to disappear which will result in sensitive teeth.

The Issa mini toothbrush has an all 100% silicone design so the brush is more gentle and this amazing design doesn’t scratch the enamel off my teeth.

There are different intensity levels of course, so it is safe to use on any set of teeth. This would definitely be a fun way to introduce your children to a more effective way of brushing their teeth.


The toothbrush has a built in timer so you will know when you have brushed your teeth for long enough.

There is a different replaceable toothbrush head called the Issa mini hybrid which has an added pbt polymer in the middle for a more vigorous brushing to clean the teeth while still having the silicon to gently brush your gums.


I like using the toothbrush with the hybrid toothbrush head instead because it does a great job at cleaning my teeth effectively. The default toothbrush head is too gentle and would be much better suited for children.

Overall, my experience with this new toothbrush has been wonderful and I don’t think I can switch back to my regular toothbrush or even my electronic toothbrushes. My teeth has definitely been less sensitive after just two weeks of brushing and I could not be happier.

  One thought on “Foreo ISSA Mini Toothbrush Review

  1. December 16, 2017 at 1:31 pm

    I can’t even imagine brushing my teeth with this hahaha 😀 Looks and sounds cool though.


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