Long Teng Seafood – Dubai

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My review for Long Teng – my husband was born and raised in Hong Kong, so he really knows what authentic Chinese food is. The food served here was definitely authentic traditional Chinese food and from the presentation of the dishes, I could really tell that the chefs really care about the food.

The deep fried turnip pastry was absolutely beautiful to look at. I almost didn’t want to eat it because it was way too pretty. The pastry was thin and fluffy and the turnip filling was great.


My favourite dish of the night was definitely the steamed prawn cheung fun because this is what I usually order when I’m at a Chinese restaurant. The filling had prawns and fried dough which was such a great combination of flavours. The red rice cheung fun was different from the regular white rice ones, and I thought it was just as delicious.


I enjoyed the two different ways of preparing the crab. I received one part of the crab sauteed with ginger and spring onions and the crab legs were fried with minced garlic. The crab was perfect both ways and the meat was extra juicy and thick which was pleasant for my taste buds.


Finally,  onto the lovely baked egg tarts which were just so tasty. You can really taste the eggs in the tarts and I loved the tart shell itself where it was fluffy and crisp on the crust and soft for the rest.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I ordered the deep fried turnip pastry for 32DHS, steamed prawn with red rice cheung fun for 32DHS, cold platter with Chinese dates, walnuts, and quail eggs for 38DHS, hot and sour Sichuan soup for 28DHS, crab sauteed with ginger and spring onion for 120DHS, crab legs fried with minced garlic for 120DHS, grilled king scallops for 28DHS each, and the fresh baked eggs tarts for 28DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here were very affordable for the fresh seafood and the quality of the dishes.

The service that I received here was good where the servers were trying their best to make sure that we were doing well throughout the dinner.

The only negative for the service was that they didn’t listen to us when we told them to bring out the dishes one by one, but instead they brought it out all at once which spammed the table resulting in some dishes getting cold by the time we got to it.

The ambience of this restaurant was very elegant and there were a lot of little details that stood out.

Upon entering the restaurant, the exterior was already impressive as it was modern and looked huge. This restaurant has 3 floors and has a seating capacity of 700 guests. Each of the floors had tanks of live fish swimming around. One floor had 8 private rooms which were large and can seat up to 20 guests.


The top floor has a terrace and has a wonderful view of the business bay area. Also on the top floor, there is indoor seating and a section of fresh seafood on ice ready to be prepared for the day.


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