Chawlas2 – Dubai

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My review for Chawlas2 – so much heart and soul was shown in the dishes served at this restaurant. I have not consumed much Punjabi dishes in my lifetime but everytime I get the opportunity to, it’s very different – in a good way.

The tandoori gobi was an interesting starter and it’s basically cauliflower that was marinated with tandoori and then grilled. It was an interesting taste because the tandoori really livened the plain cauliflower.


I ordered the fish fingers because I always crave Western dishes no matter which restaurant I am in. The fish fingers were excellent and I was happy to see how much fish was inside the fried batter. The fish was juicy and not dry at all.


The tandoori prawns were grilled perfectly. The marinade on the prawns were the right amount and it was even throughout so the flavours were wonderful with each bite.


Finally, the drink that I ordered that I enjoy at Punjabi restaurants was the sweet lassi. The sweet lassi here was a bit too thick for my liking but the flavours of the lassi itself was delicious.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I ordered the tandoori gobi for 25DHS, fish fingers for 43DHS, tandoori prawns for 55DHS, and the sweet lassi for 15DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here were on par with what you would usually see at a Punjabi restaurant.

The service that I received here was wonderful from all of the staff members. The server was very attentive to our table and made sure that we were having a good time.

The brand manager took time out of his busy day to meet us, which was nice. I could really see how passionate he was about Chawlas2 and I loved the story told by his wife on how Chawlas2 started.

The ambience of this restaurant was very cozy and warm. The rustic charm of this place was very attractive to me because it was easy for me to spend a few hours here without feeling overwhelmed with certain colours or details. This restaurant is located in the JLT area in the M cluster with a great view of the waterfront and buildings around.


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