Waka – Dubai

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My review for Waka – serving Latin American cuisine, this restaurant has opened my eyes up to brand new flavours that I never once had before. I was impressed with everything that this restaurant had to offer.

I had the opportunity to experience the, “Fiesta Latina Brunch,” and I would have to say even though there is a set menu for this brunch, the selection was definitely outstanding.

The brunch included 2 different types of ceviche, 2 salads, wakamole, 3 different maki rolls, chicken skewers, choice of 1 main course, and the dessert platter.

The ceviche and salads were self served from the display bar. I loved everything in all 4 of the dishes. My favourites would have to be the sensei tuna ceviche and the corn salad. The tuna ceviche was just full of amazing flavours where the yuzu and soy sauce had a great effect on the tuna. The corn salad had different types of corn and nuts that made it crunchy and delicious.


The wakamole also known as the guacamole and chips were tasty and when it was presented at the table, smoke came out. The guacamole was just perfect, it was had a bit of spice which was wonderful.


Three different maki rolls are included in the brunch and it includes lima maki, abura maki, and veggie maki. All of these rolls were stunning to look at and also stunning for my taste buds. The sauce on each roll was perfect and livened up the roll even further. My favourite would have to be the abura maki which had tuna, prawn tempura, avocado and creamy sesame sauce.


The choices for the main course includes chaufa, spare ribs, roasted baby chicken, truffled quinoa risotto, and the seabass. The dish that I chose and loved was the truffled quinoa risotto. I can’t believe how amazing the risotto was even with quinoa and I loved how creamy it was. The truffle aroma was pungent and the truffle flavours were definitely all there.


Finally, the wonderful and sweet dessert ending. The dessert platter had 3 leches, cheesecake, and sorbet. The 3 leches was beautiful to look at and also beautiful for flavours. The cheesecake was moist and I loved the sweet sauce on top. The last item that I loved from the platter was thessionfruit sorbet so much since it was rich and creamy.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the house drinks brunch package for 350DHS.

The pricing of the brunch here was not bad for the type of food served here.

The service was not too bad and our server worked hard to keep our table clean and explained every dish thoroughly. I was impressed with the quick delivery of drinks and how our plates were changed after every second dish.

The ambience was impressive as it was decorated wonderfully with Latin American props and had a fun feeling to the atmosphere when you enter the restaurant.


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