Chop Suey – Dubai

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My review for Chop Suey – It is hard for me to enjoy western Chinese food because I am overly obsessed with authentic Chinese cuisine. The dishes served here were good if I’m not comparing to the real dishes in Asia.

The crystal prawn dumplings were the only dish that I enjoyed here. Even with overcooked prawns, the dumplings had a nice texture and was made nicely.


The crispy tiger prawn wontons were different from what I envisioned them to look like. The shape was not like wontons but it was just deep fried balls of the tiger prawn mixture. The flavours of the prawns were not as strong in these.


The sauteed prawns in Szechuan sauce was very heavy and I had trouble enjoying this dish. The sauce was not spicy like what I’m used to when I have Szechuan dishes. The sauce was super thick and I had to basically scrape the sauce off to get to the prawns. These prawns were cooked well though.


The wok fried Singapore noodles were good. The seafood that was used in this dish were prawns and squid.


Finally, the dessert was interesting. The dessert was deep fried bananas with a sweet toffee shell along with vanilla ice cream with malteser chocolates and marshmallows. The bananas were tasty and the toffee shell on it was wonderful.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 3/5.

I ordered the crystal prawn dumplings for 35DHS, crispy tiger prawn wontons for 35DHS, sauteed prawns Szechuan style for 69DHS, wok fried Singapore noodles with seafood for 38DHS, and the toffee banana with vanilla ice cream.

The pricing of the dishes here were correct for this type of cuisine.

The service was great where the server was always keeping an eye on each table to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves. The food and drinks came out quickly to the table.

The ambience was simple and had that western Chinese feel to it. The furniture was outdated but the exterior of the restaurant was very eye catching. The large mural on the wall was unique and livened up the restaurant.


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