Applebee’s – Dubai

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My review for Applebee’s – this restaurant disappointed me in many ways, but the most disappointing thing was the fact that there were cockroaches crawling around under our table and the next table over. This was horrible to see and I was shaking throughout the whole dinner because I absolutely hate the sight of these bugs, especially in a restaurant where food is served.

The next disappointing experience that I had was with the food where it was just a mess and was poorly cooked that I felt sick the next day.

The pretzels and cheese dip was the only dish that was good out of all the items that I ordered. The pretzel dough was nicely made and the dip was light.


The chipotle lime crusted salmon was so messy and my first impression of it was that it looked like cafeteria or prison food. The salmon was overcooked and the crust on the salmon had a bitter taste.


The sizzling apple pie was average, the only good thing about this dessert was the ice cream and caramel sauce. The pie itself, which was supposed to be the star, was half good and half bad. Half of the apples were delicious and the rest of the apples were very cold and did not taste right.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 1.5/5.

I ordered the pretzels and cheese dip for 29DHS, chipotle lime crusted salmon for 68DHS, and the sizzling apple pie for 29DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here were good for this well known chain of restaurants.

The service was not bad where the server was working hard to ensure that we were well looked after. I just felt annoyed at times when I had to repeat myself many times because they kept forgetting what I wanted. My dish came to the very late while the rest of the food for my guests came out quickly.

The ambience was outdated and the furniture is what you would expect at these fast food chain restaurants.


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