Estrellas Rooftop Lounge

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My review for Estrellas Rooftop Lounge – came here to experience the brunch and it was a small selection but would be great for those who just wants a quick bite before jumping into the pool or to sunbathe.

The buffet had a barbecue station with some seafood and pasta, a hot foods section with various curries and potatoes, a salad station, also bread and cheese were available, and a small dessert section with a few cakes and umm ali. There were also some hot starters that came to the table that included tempura shrimp and fried onion rings.

The flavours of the items were not too shabby but I am not a fan of having curry for brunch because it is a bit too heavy. I decided to consume the grilled items, and the hot starters that came to the table.

I enjoyed the tempura shrimp the most because it was perfect where the shrimp was cooked well. I found the batter to be very thin on the the outside of the shrimp which is the way I love it.


The seafood curry was filled with seafood but the curry itself was too overwhelming for me. I was just trying to drip all of the curry off first for me to enjoy this dish.


The grilled items were great, I only chose the seafood items of course which included squid, shrimp and hammour fish. There are three sauces for these grilled items and I found it best with the spicy sauce.


Finally, the dessert items were not too bad and I enjoyed the pana cotta the best. The pana cotta flavours were pungent and the texture was great. This was not too sweet so I found it nice to finish the brunch with this dessert.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 3.5/5.

The service was a tad bit slow going as the brunch starts at 1PM but the servers were still busy preparing the buffet. The brunch was not ready until 1:30PM and that is when we finally got water at our table and some of the hot starters.

The ambience was good but would definitely look better in the evening and at night. We went during the day and the white colours were very bright under the bright sun. The air conditioning was not working too well in the sheltered part of the lounge. The view was nice though where you can see some of the Dubai skyline in the distance.

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