Carnival by Tresind – Dubai

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My review for Carnival by Tresind – Season 4 has arrived at this restaurant with a few changes to the menu and from the tasting session that I had, I thought that the dishes were interesting for both presentation and taste.

The alphabet soup was a beautiful start to my dinner where the flavours were just refreshing. It was very comforting for my soul as I was sipping it plus the alphabet pasta was al dente and delicious.


Such a cute name for the dish that I’m about to mention, which is the finding dory. I loved the movie and now I loved this restaurant’s version in food form. The fillet was perfect and the fried batter on the outside was not oily or unappealing at all. The presentation could have been better to meet the standards of this place.


The pullinji was not my favourite as it was too pungent for me. The palm sugar and ginger flavours were overwhelming for me but once I got past the caramel coat, the prawn itself was delicious and was perfectly cooked.


The carta fata was outstanding and this was my favourite dish. The seabass was definitely the star. The flavours of the curry was fabulous because it was not overpowering the seabass at all which worried me when I first saw it.


Finally, the last dish that I want to mention is the gajak dessert. This dessert was prepared straight on the table but of course on top of wax paper so we weren’t eating this right off the table top. It was stunning to witness the chef create art right in front of you. The chocolate bomb was sweet and I loved the combination of caramel and peanuts.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4/5.

I ordered the alphabet soup for 40DHS, finding dory for 50DHS, pullinji for 55DHS, atom bomb for 145DHS, into the wild for 245DHS, mini punjab for 85DHS, quinoa biryani for 70DHS, carta fata for 88DHS, mushroom management for 85DHS, and the gajak for 200DHS.

The pricing of the dishes served were higher due to being in the luxury dining category where quality was shown in every single dish.

The service was excellent where our server was on top of his game and making sure our dinner was wonderful throughout the whole time.

The food and drinks came to the table quickly and I really enjoyed the enthusiasm from the sous chefs while they were preparing our dishes tableside.

The ambience of the restaurant was very playful but with a sophisticated twist. I loved the unique decor from floor to ceiling where it really brightened the dark restaurant.


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