Cove Beach – Dubai

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My review for Cove Beach I had the opportunity to taste the new dishes on the new menu offered here and I thought that every dish that I had was such a delight.

The crispy rice tuna flavours were so unique and I loved the hints of truffle flavours. The rice was not overly crispy and with one single bite, the different textures from the truffle chip, tuna, crisp rice, and the sauce really was enjoyable. The tuna meat itself was fresh and beautiful.


Salmon tartare is my go to dish at any restaurant that serves it. The salmon was fresh and delicious. This dish came with a side of seaweed chips and it went so well with the salmon tartare.


I loved the grilled octopus because it was prepared so well. The octopus was seasoned and marinated to perfection. It came alongside olives and potatoes.


My favourites were definitely the two main course dishes that I had. I had the king crab and the lobster. The king crab was tasty, and the meat was easily accessible because the legs were cut into small pieces. The lobster was juicy and the seasoning was divine.


For dessert I had the praline tart and the mochi ice cream. The praline tart was a piece of art on the plate. The little gold leaf was noticeable but I was more into the flavours of the tart itself. The tart shell was crisp, lightly sweet, and buttery while the praline on top tied the whole dessert together with just the right amount of sweet flavours for my sweet tooth.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the crispy rice tuna, salmon tartare, grilled octopus, king crab, lobster, praline tart, and the mochi ice cream.

The pricing of the dishes here were more on the higher side due to the quality of the dishes and the location.

The service was fantastic where our server was enthusiastic, friendly, and hard working. He was excellent at recommending dishes and drinks where we ended up trusting him leading us to really loved it all.

The general manager was around the restaurant ready to take time out of his busy evening to greet us which was wonderful.

The ambience of the restaurant was very attractive with a large beach, pool, lounge, vip lounge, and bright interior dining area. This beach was very laid back and had a nice view of the Burj Al Arab hotel.


Cove Beach Dubai - Jumeirah Beach Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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