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My review for View by Dusit Thani – looking for a place to relax, enjoy some shisha with some delicious bites all with a view of the Burj Khalifa? View by Dusit Thani offers all of that so you’ll have to head on down here to witness it all yourself.

The shisha here was beautiful, I got the vanilla and strawberry gravity shisha which was a delight. I did not taste any burnt charcoal flavours which was a bonus. The vanilla and strawberry flavours were a nice combination and it was easy on my throat.


Now that the new year has arrived, I have decided to drop sugar completely out of my diet, or at least try to, and opt for the more healthier items on the menu.

I got the beetroot salmon multigrain bagel with a side of salad for my dinner tonight. The bagel was toasted perfectly and the beetroot was a delicious ingredient inside the bagel sandwich. The salmon was not really smoked salmon which I thought that was going to be the case, but the salmon itself was tasty.


My husband got the truffle mushroom risotto and the garlic and chilli linguini with prawns where I had a tiny taste of each to review.

The truffle and mushroom risotto was not as great as I was imagining it would be. There were not any truffle flavours or aroma and the risotto was very dry. The risottos that I’m used to are creamy, soft, and delicious, and the one served here was disappointing.


The garlic and chilli linguini with added prawns was not too bad. The pasta was al dente but the sauce was not good and was rather bland. I was expecting to taste strong flavours of the garlic and chilli but it just wasn’t there. The prawns were cooked well though.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4/5.

I ordered the vanilla & strawberry gravity shisha for 110DHS, beetroot salmon multigrain bagel for 49DHS, truffle and mushroom risotto for 67DHS, and the garlic and chilli linguini with added prawns for 67DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here were reasonable for the type of food served here.

The service was wonderful where our server was making sure that he heard our order properly with all of our requirements.

The shisha attendant was good at explaining what each hookah was and he was able to explain the gravity shisha thoroughly for me to be well interested in it to try it out. He was always on top of checking the charcoal and changing it on time where I never tasted any burnt taste.

The server attendant, Michael, was a great host where he kept checking in on our table to make sure that everything was going smoothly. We could really tell that he was hard working because we saw him at each corner of the restaurant as the night went on where he was keeping an eye on the whole restaurant to make sure that other guests are happy.

The ambience of the restaurant was cute where it was on the bottom floor of the hotel, located outside of Jones the Grocer restaurant. Wherever you sit, you’ll be able to see the Burj Khalifa. The furniture was elegant and comfortable where there were sofas to sit on to enjoy your time here. There was a virtual golf game in the corner to pass some time here as well.


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