Aji – Dubai

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My review for Aji – this restaurant takes Peruvian and Japanese cuisines and fuse them together to create the most delectable dishes that blown me away.

This place was a pescatarian’s heaven because the seafood options were spectacular and there were so many different flavours that I had to try as many items as my stomach could handle.

The oributako was a delight where the octopus was grilled and was sitting on top of a bed of whipped potatoes which was a great touch. The octopus was perfect and the flavours were outstanding.


The Aji especial also known as the scallops sashimi was better than I imagined them to be as I was reading the description on the menu. The scallops were easy to eat and I was obsessed with the lemongrass and Aji Amarillo sauce.


The black cod anticuchos or skewers were one of my favourites tonight. The black cod skewers came on top of a mini grill and the skewers were already cooked so the mini grill was just there to keep it warm. The black cod meat was soft and melted in my mouth which was what I was hoping for.


I love ceviches and the ones served here are called cebiches so I don’t think it was a typo. The salmon cebiche that I had was delicious and I loved all of the flavours in this dish. It wasn’t just plain old citrus flavours but had lemongrass and garlic flavours as well. The added mangoes gave it that extra kick of natural sweetness which was so refreshing.


Finally, the last dish that was memorable was the black cod sticky rice. The rice was not completely sticky like the ones served in South East Asia, but was more like a risotto texture. The rice was tasty and I loved the flavours of the mushrooms and truffle. The marinade on the black cod was beautiful with sweet miso and yuzu.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I ordered the oributako for 58DHS, aji especial for 74DHS, king crab causas for 105DHS, black cod anticuchos for 120DHS, salmon cebiche for 64DHS, oribu tiraditos for 68DHS, Thai udon for 110DHS, and the black cod sticky rice for 225DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here were what you would expect at a seafood restaurant.

The service was slow going at first because of how busy the restaurant was. Once the server made his way to our table and got our orders in, the service from him was much more smooth throughout the whole night.

The general manager was very friendly and greeted us politely to recommend some of the popular dishes on the menu. He was kind enough to take some of our food order in the beginning so we didn’t have to wait too long for our server to come.

The ambience of the restaurant was spectacular with both outdoor and indoor seating. The outdoor seating was quite beautiful with a view of the seaside and the Burj Al Arab in the distance.

We sat inside where there was live entertainment and we went during ladies night so it was a fun time for me where 3 drinks were included with my meal.

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