Dukes Bar – Dubai

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My review of Dukes Bar – I got invited to witness London’s legendary bartender, Alessandro Palazzi, make some of his signature martinis table and bar side. Along with seeing him, the bar had free flowing drinks for a few hours of his other speciality drinks.

The drinks that Alessandro made for us himself were the espresso martini and the gin martini. He was pushing around a trolley with vodka and gin, ready to make the drinks fresh right in front of you. He was very into the process of mixing these drinks and explaining each step clearly.


The espresso martini was wonderful with the flavours of the coffee beans standing out and it did not have the added caffeine that most espresso alcoholic drinks have.


The gin martini was straight up gin with an orange peel but it was very smooth going down. I saw the passion in Alessandro’s eyes as he was preparing this drink so it was nice to personally taste it.


The strangway martini was lovely with nice hints of cucumber flavours. This martini is made out of gin, fresh cucumbers, elderflower, and lemon.


This bar deserves a rating of 3.5/5.

I ordered the strangway martini, espresso martini, mint julep, gin martini, and the cosmopolitan.

The service that I received was really terrible where I had to wait 30-45 minutes each time to get my drinks order in with the bartender. I understand that they were short staffed and busy from the full house of people, but for a hotel bar hosting an event, they should have been prepared.

The ambience of the bar was chic yet comfortable with a large bar in the center. The bar was clean and filled with many liquor bottles so any drink you desire would be easy to get here.


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