Wokyo Noodle Bar – Dubai

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My review of Wokyo – now that the weather is colder in Dubai, a nice hot bowl of ramen soup would be a very comforting fix for that. Wokyo has just launched two new types of ramen soups that has been added to their menu with flavours immediately inspired from the ramen master, Chef Ishida, from Sapporo, Japan.

With proper training from the Japanese chef Ishida himself, the owner and wok chefs at this restaurant has really pushed out amazing ramen noodle soups for me to want some more as I’m writing this blog review.

The Sapporo miso ramen was very heart warming with the flavours of the soup base tasting very close to the authentic ramen that I had in Japan. The owner, Zack, was very passionate about these ramen noodle soups because he took the time to learn all of the secrets to make the perfect bowl from the Japanese chef and that just made these bowls extra special.


Not only were the ramen noodles were amazing, I am still thinking about the delicious laksa noodle soup, Singapore udon noodles with shrimp, and the matcha ice cream.

The laksa noodle soup was definitely my favourite where the soup base was rich in flavours. The soup base was mild so anyone can enjoy this, and I love my soups more spicy, so the sriracha sauce came handy.


The wok udon noodles with Singapore sauce was outstanding. With 9 sauces from all around the world, created in house, I had trouble deciding but I was glad that I went with the Singapore sauce as I love peanut flavours. I chose prawns for my protein and these were perfectly cooked.


Finally, I have the need to mention the matcha ice cream because the matcha flavours were very pungent. As I was ordering this, I realized I was saying the words, “ice cream,” with a Japanese accent. The menu spells it out as, “aisu kurimu,” which was very cute and amusing.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the wok udon noodles with Singapore sauce and prawns for 57DHS, laksa soup with prawns for 45DHS, crispy renkon for 22DHS, sapporo miso ramen for 45DHS, green tea mochi mochi for 12DHS, and the matcha ice cream for 12DHS.

The pricing of the dishes served here was just right for the portion sizes.

The service that I received was perfect throughout our whole dinner. Kevin was our server and he was very thorough in explaining the menu and the process of ordering. He gave us a tour of the restaurant and was always making sure that we were still enjoying ourselves.

The food was made fresh right in front of you behind the glass windows so you can see the steps that it takes to make the perfect bowl of ramen or wok noodles. With these large woks, the food came to the table quickly looking as appealing as ever.

The ambience of the restaurant was eye catching from the moment we approached the exterior. The lanterns were dangling beautifully along with the outside seating that this restaurant offers. The entrance of the restaurant was very “Japanese” with the “Noren,” also known as a fabric with the name of the shop on it hanging above the doorway.


The interior of the restaurant was very attractive with cute Japanese and Asian inspired signs all around. Upon entering, you are faced with the large glass windows of chefs preparing orders on their large woks.


The origami table was a great idea where your kids or even yourself can learn to fold origami animals or objects while you wait for your food. Not only was there origami, but boardgames to pass the time as well.


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