Riu Emerald Bay – Matzatlan

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My review for Riu Emerald Bay Hotel – located in the beautiful Matzatlan city in Mexico, I was very happy to be staying at this hotel for 7 days as a little college graduation present to myself.

This was my first resort all inclusive experience, so I was super excited to take advantage of all of the amenities, food, drinks, and entertainment that Riu Emerald Bay had to offer.

Our room was a delight since it was huge and the in room liquor dispenser shelf was the first thing that I saw since I was looking forward to letting loose after all of the final exams.


The perfectly made bed was the next item that my eyes saw and the beautiful towels folded into love swans put a smile on my face. The bed was definitely comfortable and I was glad to see how clean the sheets were because I have had some bad experiences in the past at other hotels.


Eventually, we went onto the balcony since we did spend a little more for the oceanview, and this hotel has so many rooms that face the ocean so there would not be a problem for anyone who wants to switch or book these rooms with the view.


The view from the balcony was spectacular. The beautiful blue ocean and beach merging together was such a refreshing sight as it has been a while since I’ve seen the ocean due to living in Edmonton, Canada. When you look directly below, you can see the outstanding 4 swimming pools.


The welcome gift from the hotel was sweet, it was a bottle of champagne with a note saying congratulations! This just showed how much the hotel listens to you when you call in as they knew I graduated and that the trip was a celebration for that.


We took a stroll outside the hotel, and the tropical gardens were gorgeous. With the short walk, we ended up on the beach and I loved how open it was. With 2 poolside bars, it was easy to have a good time here.


Finally, I have to mention the food that was offered here. There are 4 restaurants in this hotel, and I really enjoyed the Asian restaurant – Bamboo, which was a buffet filled with delicious Asian dishes. My favourites were definitely the sashimi and sushi. The restaurants here focused more on buffet styles, rather than a la carte which would have been better for some days when you want a more intimate dining experience.


This hotel deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I booked the all inclusive oceanview double room for ~$1250 CAD per person for 7 days.

The pricing of the all inclusive resort here was worth every dollar as I am an alcohol connoisseur and with the in room liquor dispenser, I was very happy.

The service was amazing throughout the whole time we were at the hotel. Our room was cleaned daily with the clean towels folded into different cute animals.


The reception staff was very approachable and it was easy to get answers from them as they knew almost everything!

The servers and bartenders at each of the restaurants and poolside were friendly and they really knew how to entertain us.

The ambience of the hotel was jaw dropping from the moment we laid eyes on it from the airport bus. This hotel was huge and I was impressed as this was my first resort stay in Mexico, so the design of the hotel itself made me want more resort stays in the future. I really liked how the cleaning staff took the time to ensure that there was no garbage lying around and the hotel was absolutely spotless.


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