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My review for Spanish Center Dubai I am so happy to say that for the first time as I’m writing this blog, that I do not have glasses or contact lenses in!

It has been a couple of days now since the surgery, and my eyes are doing really well. I can see even better than I did when I was wearing glasses. I am so happy with the results.

I had a great experience from the moment I stepped into the clinic with each of the staff members taking really good care of me.

The first step when you are thinking about lasik, is to go in for a consultation and eye exam. I had both of these done a week ago where they determined that my eye thickness was average – which is what you want, and my eyes were -7.75, -8.25, with a 2.25 astigmatism for the prescription.


Back in Canada when I was getting my first consult, the doctors there refused to work with my eyes due to having different prescriptions on both eyes and a high astigmatism.

Dr Tamer, however, here at Spanish Center Dubai, told me that he can most definitely work with my eyes and told me I will be satisfied with the final results. I was so ecstatic to hear this, as I knew I was in good hands!


After my consultation, he told me to hydrate my eyes with lubricant eye drops and to stop contact lenses wear so that my eyes are ready for the surgery four days later.

The day of surgery was nerve racking for me, but I was comforted by the staff members who told me that it will be quick, plainless, and easy.

They were absolutely right because once Dr Tamer started the surgery, all I felt was a little pressure from the eye clamps holding my eyes open. The whole surgery lasted only 10 minutes, and it was such a cool experience because you are awake throughout the whole thing and saw everything, but it was not graphic at all!


Dr Tamer placed some hard contacts in my eyes for the rest of the evening, and the next day I was due to check in and have them removed. Sunglasses were essential for the whole day for both indoor and outdoor wear, as obviously, the eyes are more sensitive. Immediately after the surgery, I was able to read letters, which I could never do before unless I had glasses on.


My eyes were only sensitive to light for a couple of hours during the evening, but after placing some drops in my eye and a nap, I woke up with them feeling a bit uncomfortable, but it surpassed after a couple of hours and I was happy to clearly see everything around me!

My follow up appointment is in a week, and so far after a couple of days, my eyes are still very clear, and I feel so free because I do not have to bother with my glasses or putting contacts in anymore. I even did my makeup today, and boy, it was much easier where I didn’t have watery eyes or squinting at the mirror to see my face.

I honestly recommend this surgery to anyone and recommend Dr Tamer for sure as he did the most perfect job!

This clinic and doctor deserves a rating of 5/5.

The treatment that I had was the Lasik eye surgery.

The service that I received here was outstanding from the moment I was greeted by the reception staff. The receptionist was able to quickly attend to me and was very organized.

The technicians were polite and were straight forward in explaining the machines for the eye exams.

The optometrist, Dr Ellie was friendly and was able to get updates from Dr Tamer about the little issues that I had with my eyes during the consultation. He was great at explaining some details about the surgery and details about my eyes before the surgery.

The ambience of this clinic was very approachable from the first look at it from the outside. The interior were spotless and right away you are in front of the reception staff so it was a very friendly first impression.


The clinic had large leather couches in the waiting room, so it was comfortable for me while I was waiting for my eye exam and my Lasik surgery.

The rooms were bright, white in colour, and was very modern at the same time. I enjoyed how spacious it was, as I am not a fan of doctor offices, but I was able to sit calmly at the ones here.

The surgical room was definitely sterile, where shoes had to be removed and slippers to be worn instead. The machines were not frightening to look at, instead the medical bed looked very inviting.


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