100per100 Italian Awards – The Artisan by Enoteca Pinchiorri – Dubai

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I had the pleasure to attend the 100per100 Italian awards gala held at the Artisan restaurant. Here I was able to have tastings of the finest truffle straight from Italy as well as some of the canapes that was passed around.

There were two stations of small bites to taste, one was where bread sticks, foraccia, and bread were displayed ready to be served with the black truffle products made by the chef straight from Italy. The truffle was very aromatic and was great by itself.


The other station was filled with parmigiano served with various balsamic vinegar. This was interesting for me as I loved the combination of the two together.


My review for The Artisan – this restaurant was a wonderful place to host the 100per100 gala as it was an Italian restaurant and the place was the the perfect size for the event.

The burrata was great and it went well with the wines that I was having. The burrata was soft and the roasted tomatoes went really well with it.


I enjoyed the deep fried small squids and it reminded me of calamari. I would rather have the squids not fried because they would have been delicious without the batter on top.


The gourmet pizzas were small obviously as they were just canapes but I liked the one with the black truffle more than the one with the dry cherry tomatoes.


Finally, the only dessert that I had was the artisan profiteroles as the panna cotta was no where to be found. The profiteroles were sweet and the cream puff pastry was light and fluffy.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4/5.

The food items that was passed around that I was able to eat included burrata, deep fried small squids, gourmet pizza with black truffle, slow cooked octopus, gourmet pizza with dry cherry tomatoes, and the artisan profiteroles.

The service was good where the servers tried to get the canapes trays to everyone and they always remembered my drink orders, so that showed they were working very hard.

The ambience of the restaurant for the awards ceremony was perfect for the Italian cuisines mentioned here. I loved the greenery when you first approach the restaurant with the twinkling lights where it made it feel so warm and inviting. Once inside, there were a few tables to sit at and a few where you can stand at to connect with the other guests attending.


The Artisan By Enoteca Pinchiorri Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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