Skin 111 Dubai – Lip Augmentation

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My review for Skin 111 – I was always self conscious with my lips because one side is slightly smaller than the other, and if you look at my face as a whole, my lips look very small.


Lip augmentation was always on my mind, and I am glad that I had this done with Dr Matteo because I was smiling with my numb lips at the end of the treatment.

The first step was to put some numbing cream on the lips so you won’t feel much pain or discomfort. I was glad, because the first time I had my lips done, I only iced them beforehand and I remembered thinking how bad the pain was. The numbing cream worked so well, where I only felt some slight pinching.

I explained what I wanted to Dr Matteo, how I like the middle part of my lips to be fuller, and make them more symmetrical and he understood what I wanted straight away. I was glad that I didn’t have to google an image beforehand, because what I want is pretty unique to my own self.

The formula he used on me was called volift with lido and he used 1ML of it on my whole lips.

During the treatment, he was very confident and I felt comfortable throughout the whole thing even though I don’t do well with needles because I have always been afraid of them.

Once he was finished, I looked at my reflection and right away I was in love with the results! I was more than happy with them because they looked even better than what I imagined in my mind.


I would definitely recommend Dr Matteo to anyone thinking about getting fillers in the face or body because I could really tell how experienced he is and of course of the final results that I had.


This clinic and doctor deserves a rating of 5/5.

The treatment that I had was the lip augmentation for 2300DHS.

The service that I received here was wonderful upon entering where the receptionist, Jasmine, was smiling brightly greeting me. She was quick to ask if I wanted anything to drink and brought me a menu. She was making sure I was happy throughout the whole time I was waiting for Dr Matteo.


The ambience of this clinic was bright and beautiful to look at from every corner. I loved the gold details on top of the white, where it just made the place look so elegant.

The mirrors made the clinic looked bigger and spacious, so that was just perfect because I always feel claustrophobic at many clinics that I’ve been to.


Finally, the beautiful artwork found around the clinic and the treatment rooms were stunning. The  pop of colour fit really well in this DIFC gate village 5, where it is all about artwork here.


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