Toro + Ko – Dubai

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My review for Toro + Ko the seafood served at this Spanish restaurant is to die for! I am a fan of the way this cuisine handles their seafood dishes as everything that I had was a delight.

The tartar de atun or known as the tuna tartare was absolutely delicious and the guacamole and berries that were combined with the tuna was very unique for flavours. I have never thought of having tuna tartare this way, and the tarte flavours from the berries really brought out the tuna and guacamole.


The txangurro a la donostiarra, also known as the San Sebastian style crab was tasty for sure. The bread that came directly from Spain was a great way to have the crab meat with.


I had something fascinating that I don’t usually have often and that was the sea urchin caviar spoon with quail egg. This one spoon had a whole lot of flavours in one, and I mostly tasted the briny caviar which was good since sea urchins tend to be quite plain sometimes.


Finally, the hot dog de bagavante was a nice finish to my meal. And no, it isn’t an actual hot dog, rather it was lobster in a bun, or famously known as the lobster roll. There was a good amount of lobster meat, and the lobster juice sauce was just outstanding that you can just basically drink it on its own.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I ordered the tartar de atun for 94DHS, txangurro a la donostiarra for 110DHS, erizos con caviar sevruga for 106DHS, and the hot dog de bogavante for 114DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here was higher but the quality of the items were impressive, so the prices made sense to me.

The service was good sometimes, and bad some other times because our finished dishes were lingering on our table for a while. The food came out quick though so that was a positive, and the attitudes from the servers were great.

The ambience of the restaurant was charming and fitted in perfectly in the City Walk area. We sat outside the restaurant where we got a nice view of the surrounding restaurants. The decorΒ was beautiful and it really brightened the restaurant up.Β 


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