Oni – Dubai

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My review for Oni – I was invited for the launch of this newly opened Japanese restaurant in Shangri-la Hotel. With all of the ingredients coming directly from Hokkaido, the food was delicious and authentic.

The tuna tacos were one of my favourites because the tuna was marinated beautifully with truffle. The truffle elevated the flavours of the tuna and the avocado.


The two rolls that I enjoyed were the yasai roll and the tuna tiradito roll. The yasai roll had spinach wrapped around the rice which was unique as I have never had spinach rolls before. This was a delight for vegetarians because the roll was so fresh and filled with asparagus and avocado.


The robata grill here has charcoal that came directly from Hokkaido, and I was glad to try an item from the grill. The item that I tasted was the miso black cod, (gindara). The black cod was evenly cooked throughout and it just melted in my mouth. Yum!


The ramen noodles was chicken soup based so I could not have a taste, but I did try some of the noodles that was sitting on top. The noodles were fresh from Japan and it was lovely.


Finally, small ice cream cones came around for dessert and I tried the miso tofu ice cream which was weird but in a good way. It was not too sweet and very close to being savoury and I actually enjoyed it so much. With it being made entirely out of tofu, this is great for vegans!


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I received pass around items which included tuna tacos, yasai roll, tuna tiradito roll, gindara, tantanmen ramen, and the miso tofu ice cream. These were the items that I consumed but there were meat items as well which I couldn’t eat.

The service was great where they were dressed in Japanese serving kimonos. This made the restaurant feel more authentic. The drinks were easily accessible and the food came out quickly to the tables.

The ambience of the restaurant was elegant and the decor added sophistication here and there. An ice sculpture carved by the junior world champion, Taka, represented “Oni” which was really impressive, was displayed boldly for the soft launch.


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