Asia Asia – Dubai

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My review for Asia Asia – this restaurant takes pan Asian cuisine and elevated it to deliver beautiful and tasty dishes to match the fine dining atmosphere.

The hamachi ceviche was marvelous. I loved how fresh the hamachi was, and the way it was prepared was different from what you would expect in a ceviche. The yellowtail was sliced thinly, similar to sashimi, and was placed on a bed of yuzu wasabi sauce. The jalapenos were a nice touch, as it gave a kick of heat.


The truffle salmon maki was an amazing roll that I never once had before. I loved the bits of truffle flavours being mixed with the cream cheese. It create a wonderful combination of flavours that made my taste buds dance with joy.


The miso black cod was my favourite and I was so happy with how generous the portion size of the cod was! Usually, I would see half the size at competing restaurants, so the black cod here was winning in my books right away. The cod was perfect throughout, and I loved how the meat just melted in my mouth.


Finally, the lovely dessert that I had a small tasting of, due to my weight loss journey, was the best spoonful of dessert I had in a while. The sweet potato yokan was basically sweet potato mash with mixed berries, caramelized nuts with sesame ice cream. Everything in this dessert just worked together, and each ingredient balanced one another out for flavours.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I ordered the hamachi ceviche for 95DHS, truffle salmon maki for 89DHS, miso black cod for 199DHS, steamed broccolini for 59DHS, and the sweet potato yokan dessert for 52DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here was a bit higher for pan Asian cuisine, only because the ingredients used were more expensive and higher end.

The service was slow and bad during some parts of the dinner, and other parts, it was good. We had to wave down our server to grab his attention and it took him 5 minutes to finally come to the table with a menu.

The drinks were fast to come during the first half of our dinner, while the remaining half, he forgot them and we had to chase him down to get our final drinks.

The food came out nice and steady to the table, but finished dishes were lingering on our table for a while.

The ambience of the restaurant was stunning from the moment we got off the elevator on the 6th floor of Pier 7. The near life sized South Asian buddhas along the pathway heading to the restaurant were beautiful and eye catching. Once inside the dining area, we can see the view of the marina straight away, and the dim lighting set the perfect mood for our date night.


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