Long Teng Brunch – Dubai

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My review for Long Teng – dimsum is one of my favourite type of brunches here in Dubai and Long Teng delivered outstanding and authentic Chinese food choices for their Friday brunch.


There were three items that I really enjoyed from the brunch menu and they were the steamed prawn in red cheung fun, crystal prawn and chive dumplings, the marinated octopus, and the egg custard buns.

The steamed prawn cheung fun was definitely my favourite, and will still always be because everything about this dish was just crafted so perfectly. The filling had prawns and fried dough which was such a great combination of flavours. The red rice cheung fun was different from the regular white rice ones, and I thought it was just as delicious.


The crystal prawn and chive dumplings were beautiful for both presentation and flavours. I loved how the dumplings were clear so you can see the prawn and chives straight away. These dumplings were fresh and was so good on its own without any sauce.


Next, the marinated octopus was marvelous! The octopus was small and came in a small bowl but the marinating on the octopus itself made it stand out the most compared to some of the other dishes.

Finally, the cutest dessert that I have ever consumed was a great finish to my brunch here. The egg custard buns were presented shaped like birds, and it was almost too cute for me to eat. Once I finally got a chance to bite into the buns, I thought, “wow!” straight away. The egg custard filling was creamy, flavourful, and had just the right amount of savoury-sweet taste. I was glad to see that there was more filling than bun.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4.5/5.

I ordered the Friday dimsum brunch.

The pricing of the brunch here was decent for the set menu, which has over 10 items to choose from.

The service was a bit slow for the first part of our brunch experience where we had to chase down the server a few times.

Once there were a few more servers on the floor, the service was better where our tea and water glasses were always topped up.

The food came out quickly, and this was expected, as these are smaller items and faster to prepare.

The ambience of the restaurant was very elegant and there were a lot of little details that stood out.

Upon entering the restaurant, the exterior was already impressive as it was modern and looked huge. This restaurant has 3 floors and has a seating capacity of 700 guests. Each of the floors had tanks of live fish swimming around. One floor had 8 private rooms which were large and can seat up to 20 guests.

The top floor has a terrace and has a wonderful view of the business bay area. Also on the top floor, there is indoor seating and a section of fresh seafood on ice ready to be prepared for cooking once ordered.

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