Assia in Wok – Dubai

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My review for Assia in Wok – Food court quality Asian food is served here. There were definitely unique items here, that makes them stand out compared to some of the typical Asian food court food that had items already on display for you to choose. But don’t be fooled, the quality is not great here. I found this place to have small portion sizes, expensive for food court food, and the food was average tasting.

The jackfruit salad was disappointing! I love the jackfruit fruit itself and was hoping that this place would make it the star in this salad. There were very little jackfruit pieces, and I was sad to see that there were more mango pieces, basically tricking my eyes at first because they are both so similar in colour.

This restaurant deserves a rating of 2.5/5.

I ordered the jackfruit salad for 42DHS.

The pricing of the dishes served here was expensive for food court quality food. The jackfruit salad had only 5 very small pieces, which was such a disappointment! They put more mango pieces in to fool customers into believing it’s all jackfruit.

The service that I received here was easy going where the staff was fast at ringing in orders. However, for just a salad, it took some time for me to receive it.

The ambience of the restaurant was vibrant. The colours of the place really caught my eyes. This restaurant is located in the food court of the Dubai Mall.

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