Pret To Go – Dubai

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My review for Pret to Go – My absolute favourite place to stop by to grab their go-to healthy juices and snacks! I love how there are a variety of fresh juices to choose from, along with healthy baked chips, sandwiches, salads, and dessert. They sell the pana vegan chocolate here which is one of the best vegan chocolates out there!

My fridge is always filled with Pret to go items because I am a foodie who eats out A LOT, so when I feel like I put on a few pounds, I would turn to Pret to go to help me keep my weight down.


The organic chia and raspberry pot was great for breakfast. The chia seeds were delicious and was prepared perfectly. The raspberries were fresh and the natural sweetness of the fruit balanced the flavours of the chia seeds.


The smoothies here were a great snack to have in between my meals. The ingredients were all fresh and no sugar was added. I loved the green smoothie as it had all the vitamins and nutrients I needed for the day and it was satisfying.


Finally, the vegan mango cheesecake was a healthier dessert alternative for me to reward myself after all of the clean eating that I did. Now a days, I try to stay away from as much sugar as I can, so this cheesecake was a great choice.

This restaurant deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the homemade granola pot for 18DHS, organic chia & raspberry pot for 25DHS, pret-fect green smoothie for 25DHS, berries smoothie for 25DHS, lemonade soda for 14DHS, infused H2O for 10DHS, coconut water for 14DHS, pana chocolate for 20DHS, and the vegan mango cheesecake for 22DHS.

The pricing of the items here was worth every fil!

The service that I received here was excellent with well trained staff, who were helpful, and quick to ring in your items.

The ambience of this restaurant was modern, and was the perfect size for a cafe. I loved the grey tones of the place, with plenty of seats if you want to enjoy your snacks on the spot.

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