Kaftan – La Mer, Dubai

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My review for Kaftan – this well known, elegant, and artsy restaurant from Umm Sequin has opened a new branch in La Mer, which most definitely suits the urban and beach atmosphere here.

The tutsulu somon, also known as the smoked salmon was delicious! This was an outstanding start to my dinner and I was impressed straight away. Even though it felt like a brunch item, I did not mind having it for dinner. The smoked salmon on a bed of mashed avocado and brown bread was the perfect trio. When I took the first bite, all of the different flavours welcomed me nicely.


The izgara levrek, or the grilled whole seabass, was phenomenal. I am always so hesitant ordering a whole seabass from any restaurant because it would always come undercooked or overcooked. This seabass was absolutely perfect. It was evenly cooked throughout and the meat was just delicious.


The peri bacasi kalamar, or known as the grilled stuffed calamari, was unique for flavours and presentation. I loved the stuffed shrimps and creamy sauce, where it just elevated the calamari flavours wonderfully.


Finally, the last item I want to mention is the izgara jumbo karides, which is the grilled tiger prawns. The prawns were grilled evenly, and was the proper size!


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4/5.

I ordered the tutsulu somon for 45DHS, izgara levrek for 85DHS, peri bacasi kalamar for 75DHS, and the izgara jumbo karides for 110DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here was very well priced for the large portion sizes.

The service was not too bad, and knowing that this is a newly opened restaurant, I understood that they were still trying to get into the groove. The service was good here and there, and other times, they were a little bit confused with the order and what we needed.

The food came out so fast, and very quickly after the starters, the main courses came. I did not like how the main courses came out right after the starters because then everything would get cold faster.

The ambience of the restaurant was laid back compared to the Umm Sequin location, which is perfect since the beach was nearby. The restaurant was brightly lit under the evening sky and had lovely outdoor seating. The indoor seating was gorgeous as well, with bright colours and comfortable seats.


Kaftan Turkish Gourmet Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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