Miss Tess – Dubai

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My review for Miss Tess – Serving all of the dishes from various popular Asian countries, this restaurant blew me away with every single dish that I had. I came here on a Wednesday which includes their Asian Invasion brunch, plus ordering from an a la carte menu. I had the pleasure to meet Miss Tess herself, which was a delight as she was very down to earth and beautiful! With different entertainment from the 2 staff members every 20 minutes, I was clapping at both the entertainment and food.

2018-03-08 01.38.42 1.jpg

The Vietnamese fresh rolls were definitely fresh and were made beautifully. I was glad to see that it came with the actual fish sauce to dip in, rather than peanut sauce, which I don’t like as much compared to the flavours of the authentic fish sauce.


The salmon sashimi was small, thin, and lovely. The same goes for the hamachi sashimi as well. They were both divine but I did enjoy the hamachi or yellowtail more.


The super Mario maki was cute for presentation as the filling was sitting on top of the Maki pieces. This Maki had fresh tuna, fresh salmon, spring onions, and spicy mayo, all of which were my favourite ingredients to make a delicious roll.


Finally, I want to point out the unique cocktails that were presented in one of a kind glasses that you would never expect to drink out of. The one that really impressed me was the, “another pad thai” cocktail. This was presented in the well known Asian take away box and had chopsticks and garnish that resembles noodles. Not only was the presentation on point, but the drink itself was marvelous.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the Vietnamese fresh roll for 38DHS, har gow for 58DHS, salmon sashimi for 48DHS, hamachi sashimi for 48DHS, and the super Mario maki for 58DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here was very low for the amazing seafood served here! I was actually shocked to learn how cheap each dish was.

The service was remarkable where our server took great care of us throughout our whole dinner experience.

The food came quickly to the table, and thank goodness for that because I was famished. The drinks were just as quick to come so nothing went wrong really wrong at all.

The manager, Randy, was a lovely host who kept checking in on us ensuring that we were doing well. He was friendly and talkative which made our dinner more enjoyable.

The ambience of the restaurant was charming and had that familiar urban Asian vibe. I was already feeling nostalgic when I saw the super Mario game on the tv when I first arrived. I knew I had to get a game in or two.

The restaurant was filled with colourful large lanterns hanging on the ceiling which was absolutely beautiful. There was a Tuk Tuk in the middle of the place, and it was a nice touch to bring out that South Asian element to the restaurant.


The live entertainment here was something else – in a good way. Two staff members perform every 20 minutes, from a dragon dance, to inflatable sumo suit wrestling and dancing, ninjas doing backflips, and even a super mario brothers dance. It was fun, and funny to say the least, and I was having such a blast.


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