Matto – Dubai

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My review for Matto with an all Italian menu, this restaurant really delivered amazing dishes that was authentic and delicious.

The polipo, or the octopus was a great start to my dinner. The presentation of this was beautiful and the octopus looked very appetizing. It was cooked perfectly and the mashed potatoes that it was sitting on was tasty since it was made with shallots.


My favourite dish was the tonno, or known as the yellowfin tuna tartare! This was not presented like the typical tuna tartares around town, but I loved every single ingredient used in this dish. The stracciatella cheese and the tarallini crumble were an excellent touch to bring out the beautiful flavours of the tuna tartare.


Finally, the porcini e tartufo, or the truffled ravioli, was the main course I went with after I found out that the lobster pasta was unavailable. The ravioli pasta was well constructed and filled with tasty mushrooms, truffle, and parmesan cheese.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the polipo for 80DHS, tonno for 78DHS, and the porcini e tartufo for 103DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here was reasonable for Italian cuisine and for the lovely ingredients that was used.

The service was wonderful with our server recommending popular and stunning dishes to try. He did not have to write any of our order down, even with the little substitutes, he was able to remember each dish correctly.

The food came out of the kitchen almost immediately after we placed our orders in, so that was a surprise and it was a good one as I was pretty hungry.

The ambience of the restaurant was rustic and had an inviting Italian atmosphere that made me feel comfortable.

I came on a Friday for dinner, so Matto Fridays was the theme and there was a live band called Selha and the Million Dollar Trio that performed from 9:30PM onwards. The energy from the band really livened up the restaurant.


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