Kcal – Dubai

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My review for Kcal – A healthy fast food restaurant that has the calorie count information for all of their items. This is a wonderful place for someone like myself, who eats out a lot and needs to take a break from all of the restaurant eating, so I would stop by and restock my fridge with kcal items.

Everything was delicious here, and you would never get tired of the food here since there was a large menu. The menu had healthy shakes, salads, wraps, a variety of main courses, and of course, healthy dessert.

The vegetarian fresh salad rolls were lovely and there were two large rolls that comes with every order. The peanut sauce that came with it was tasty and livened up the rolls.


I really liked the chocolate peanut shake as it was sweet and had way fewer calories than typical chocolate shakes around town. The combination of the dark chocolate with the peanuts made it resemble closely to Reese’s chocolates, well in my imagination anyways, since I was craving that type of chocolate.


My favourite dessert option was the chocolate banana square. There were more banana flavours than the chocolate which was good as I like the natural sweetness of bananas. This dessert only had 200 calories so it did not make me feel too guilt afterwards.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the vegetarian vietnamese salad rolls for 22DHS, chocolate peanut shake for 21DHS, true energy shake for 21DHS, super fuel shake for 26DHS, blue banana shake for 21DHS, frosty cake for 16DHS, chocolate treats for 10DHS, chocolate banana square for 10DHS.

The pricing of the items here was very inexpensive for a healthier alternative.

The service was outstanding where the attitudes from the staff was friendly and motivated. The staff was quick to receive my order. The food came out in a decent amount of time where the shakes were made fresh on the spot.

The ambience of this restaurant was bright and inviting. This was a great place with seating available for those who needs a quick bite to eat. Located in the executive towers in Business Bay, this is an easy spot to grab a healthier snack during your work breaks.

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