Spicy & Ginger – Dubai

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My review for Spicy & Ginger – I have always been a huge fan of Thai food, only because my mom made me these popular dishes growing up as most of the flavours are similar to those in Cambodian food.

The dishes served here were made by a Thai chef so you know that it is very authentic. I enjoyed most of the dishes that I tried and would not mind coming back for more in the future.

The two salads that I got were my favourite dishes from the dinner. The yum ta ray, or known as the seafood salad, and the pia goong, also known as the spicy and sour shrimp salad, were both spicy. I love spicy Thai salads as that’s how I was brought up eating these salads, and the sauce on each of these salads were just perfect.


The pad Thai was not up to my expectations as I do compare this wonderful dish with my favourite one that I had in town. I found the noodles to be drier than usual and could use more sauce for sure. The presentation was nice though.


I enjoyed the seafood pad seew a lot and this is one of my go-to dishes when I’m at a Thai restaurant. The flat noodles were delicious with the sauce that it was stir fried in. I found the seafood unevenly cooked, but the ones that were cooked were tasty.


Finally, this restaurant had one of my favourite south Asian dessert dishes, which was the bua loy, or known as the glutinous rice balls in coconut milk. The one served here had taro balls instead of the rice balls, which was fine as I do love taro. The coconut milk was perfect, and the two together was a perfect combination.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 4/5.

I ordered the yum ta ray for 42DHS, pia goong for 49DHS, pad thai for 47DHS, seafood pad seew for 47DHS, and the bua loy for 25DHS.

The pricing of the dishes here was typical with the competing Thai restaurants in town.

The service that I received was great where there were 2 servers attending to our table. The tables were cleared quickly and whenever we needed them, they were right there.

The server did forget our orders many times, I waited 20 minutes for my drink to come, and when I reminded her, she actually forgot and I had to basically recite what she recommended me, where she then finally remembered.

The food came out in a good amount of time, and since the restaurant was not busy, all of the kitchen staff members were working on our orders so that made it more efficient.

The ambience of the restaurant was grand when we first entered where the restaurant had two levels and the decor was just beautiful. The simple details, like the flowers, brightened the restaurant up with bursts of colour as the furnishing was mainly brown in colour. Located next to the Al Wasl Sports Club, this is a great spot to come by before or after a game.


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