Mundo – Dubai

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My review for Mundo – this fine dining restaurant offers brunch buffets and dinner buffets. There was a nice selection of items from the buffet, especially a lot of high end seafood items. Everything tasted fresh, and I enjoyed almost everything.

The items that I enjoyed the most was the smoked salmon and the king crab legs.

The smoked salmon was beautiful and you can see up close how perfect the whole smoked salmon looked because it was laying on the table. I liked the simple marinade on it, and it was fresh.


The king crab legs were a delight to see as not many buffets in town offer it. The king crab was perfectly cooked and the meat was easy to peel off the shell. There were many sauces in the buffet that can be paired nicely with the king crab but I prefer plain old butter.


The only item that I did not like too much was the vegetarian pho, as it was no where near tasting like actual pho. I grew up eating homemade authentic pho made by my mom, and from authentic Vietnamese places around town. They shouldn’t be calling it pho, as the soup base was no where near what pho is supposed to be. It should be called mushroom, tofu, and noodle soup, as that what I received.


Finally, it was nice that the softy was actually frozen yogurt, so that was a surprise to me. I believe that frozen yogurt is a healthier alternative and I prefer the delicious flavours in the frozen yogurt without consuming the extra calories in ice cream.

This buffet deserves a rating of 4/5.

I ordered the seafood dinner buffet for 195DHS.

The pricing of the buffet was really good for a seafood buffet.

The service was was great where the server was fast at getting drink orders and clearing plates off our table.

The ambience of the restaurant was beautiful and it was located in the Jumeirah Emirates Tower Hotel. I loved the warm decor with the large windows where you can see the outside pool of the hotel.

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