Pret to Go – Dubai

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My review for Pret to Go – This place is still my favourite place to stop by and grab their ready to go juices and snacks. I love how there are a variety of fresh juices to choose from, along with healthy baked chips, sandwiches, salads, and dessert.

I loved the matcha here as it tasted so pure. I know that there was not any sugar added so it was definitely healthy. The matcha flavours were pungent and it was just lovely for breakfast first thing in the morning.


The chips here were so good that I did not feel guilty eating these. The chips were baked and had all of the natural flavours of the fruits and vegetables. My favourite was definitely the beet it – beetroot crisps. The beetroot was cut into small pieces with little seasoning and they were very crispy.


This restaurant deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the matcha frappe for 20DHS, tropical crunch chips for 10DHS, beet it chips for 10DHS, hot chili pepper chips for 10DHS, and the prentil chips for 10DHS.

The pricing of the items here was worth every single fil.

The service that I received here was excellent with well trained staff, who were helpful and quick to ring in your items.

The ambience of the cafe was modern with many tables to enjoy your healthy treats at.

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