The Acai Spot – Dubai

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My review for The Acai Spot – This is such a respected place to get outstanding healthier food options. I have always been a fan of acai, and my first experience was having it in a smoothie. This place was my first time having the acai in a bowl with fruit and granola toppings.

The Acai bowls here were a good size and it tasted fresh. I chose to go with customizing my own bowl where I had the acai mixed with banana to make it thicker. I added pomegranate and blueberries, which I thought that it complemented the acai mixture.


The item I order the most here is the avocado toast snack, it was such a huge portion that I don’t even consider it be a snack, instead, I saw it more of lunch or dinner item. The flavours of the avocado toast was tasty, especially when it was on top of the marvelous protein bread. The added arugula and pumpkin seeds from the bread was a nice touch.

This restaurant deserves a rating of 5/5.

I ordered the acaimy mix with pomegranate and blueberries for 45DHS, and the avocado toast for 28DHS.

The pricing of the items here was reasonable for a healthier alternative.

The service that I received here was fantastic with friendly and attentive staff. The orders came out in an appropriate amount of time.

The ambience of the restaurant was charming and inviting. It was a wonderful cafe with a good amount of tables, and there were couches to be more comfortable while enjoying the delicious items here. There was great decor all over, with board games to pass the time.

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